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Thursdays, April 19 through May 31, 7:00-8:30 pm

Teacher: Mike Gates

Who is God and what is the Church – really!!

My heart’s desire is that the church would be what God intended it to be. Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. At Living Hope we do not want to follow trends but find out what the Bible says about this and do it.

BASIC is a 7-part series that challenges us to reclaim the church as Scripture describes it to be. This series speaks to those who have questions about the church and to those who may have lost interest in the church.

If we only had the Bible and no influence from anything else. No past church experience. No religious understandings. We had never seen or heard of church but after reading the Bible only and we decided to start one – what would it be like? That is what this study is all about.

This is one of our classes that we recommend everyone who is part of Living Hope to attend. If you are newer to our church or have never gone through this class, please sign up and go through this seven-week class with me.

Childcare available upon request.

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LHC Bible Class - Basic: We are Church/Who is God?

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  • Apr 19
    7:00 pm
    May 31
    8:30 pm